Centennaries 2016

1916 marks the beginning of the Civil Aviation development in Catalonia


Pujol, Comabella & Co the first civil aircraft factory in Catalonia and Spain - Barcelona 1917


The First Factory of Civil Aircraft in Catalonia and Spain

The first professionals in Aeronautics: Mechanics, Carpenters, Pilots, Engineers

"Aeroclub de Cataluña incorporation preliminars" and "First Factory of Civil Aircraft" news published in the Nº 2 of the "España Automóvil y Aeronáutica" magazine on 30/1/1916


The First Flights focused on Transportation

Barcelona-Mallorca & Barcelona-Santander
Salvador Hedilla Pineda ready for the first flight Barcelona - Santander - August 1916


The First Civil Pilots Training School

Advertisement published in the 04/07/1917 ABC national newspaper - page 018


The First Civil Aviation Airfield

    The First Aerodrome with Gasoline and Mechanics services

"La Volateria" airfield at El Prat de Llobregat

Aero Club de Catalunya

The First social and sportive Aeronautical Society of Catalonia

News on the incorporation of the "Aeroclub de Cataluña" published in the Nº 12 of the "España Automóvil y Aeronáutica" magazine on 30/6/1916

To celebrate the centennary of the so many ephemeris, the FPAC presents an exhibition that, explaining the past and illustrating the present invites to work for a better future.


The pages of this blog show the information panels of the exhibition. Going through them you can make a tour of what has been and what is today the world of Civil Aviation in Catalonia.

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